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Moving big houses happen when a big household or company needs to move from one location to another (whether it is a local or cross-country move). We're talking about big houses, mansions, farms, barns, and even offices. All of these require critical attention and careful coordination in order to end up a success. Today we're listing down some of the most common challenges faced when moving large volumes.

The Challenges:

    • Cost

      The first and probably biggest concern when moving big house is the budget. Since most moving companies charge by the weight or volume of a shipment, it's only logical that the more things you have, the higher your costs will be. Let's take a look at this estimate of how much it will cost to move a 5-bedroom house from Chicago, Illinois to Beverly Hills California.
      • Full-service move = $7200 to $8800
      • Self-Service (You pack, they'll drive) = $670 to $818
      Take note that this is just for a normal house. If you're a farm owner or a business that needs to transport a lot of equipment, this estimate can go much higher.


  • Time Crunch

    The larger the scale of your move, the longer it will take for the entire move to be finished. All aspects of the relocation will be affected by how much you need transported- the packing process, loading them into the truck, unloading up to unpacking. For example, our usual advice is to start packing at least 2 months prior to the move. But if you have a bigger household, that time period might not be enough.
  • Tools Required

    Imagine trying to move and ship several beds, computers or tractors. Good old brawn and muscle are not enough when we're dealing with large moves. To move numerous boxes, equipment and large furniture, you will need a lot of moving tools like dollies of every shape and size. Dollies are made from heavy plastic, metal, or wooden frames and have plastic or rubber wheels that help transport heavy or bulky items. You'll also need moving pads, straps, and so on.
  • Coordination

    This is one of the trickiest things to deal with when moving big house or even a small office. Conducting a move that only includes yourself is hard enough, multiply the people you have to coordinate with and your problems will increase too. Not only do you need to coordinate people's schedules, you also need to make sure that as you're packing everything, the household/office/farm will still operate smoothly during the process.


The Solutions:

Of course we can't just dwell on the problems. Below are some tips on how to make large s cale relocations more workable.
  • Downsizing

    Cut your problems at the roots by downsizing. Do you really need to pack and transport everything you own? It could be more practical to just leave some things behind. You can sell, donate, or even throw away things that you no longer need. This will reduce your moving costsignificantly and make the entire preparation process faster.
  • Having a moving schedule

    Plan out the next few months and weeks. Create a moving schedule that itemizes what needs to be done at what specific date. Make sure to send copies of this schedule to the entire household or office. Everybody should be on the same page.
  • Make an announcement ahead of time

    Give your family, co-workers or employees enough time to sort their affairs and belongings before the move. Inform them about the move as early as possible (a few months in advance at the latest).
  • Record of Packing

    After sorting through your belongings and removing the clutter, create a list of the things that will actually be shipped. Take photos as documentation and list down the serial numbers and model numbers for electronic equipment or appliances. This will help you to check if everything arrived safely at your new location.
  • Prepare your equipment

    Before the move make sure that all of your equipment are clean and in proper order. This includes:
    • Your cars or any motorized vehicles
    • Appliances that you think are necessary for the move
    • Computers that have been properly backed up and packed safely
    In addition to equipment, you have to prepare all of the necessary documents for the move as well. These include work permits, business licenses, pet licenses, and so on.
  • Plan the unpacking process

    Most people tend to forget the importance of the unpacking process. Don't make this mistake. Make sure your boxes are labelled indicating its room assignment in the new location/house. This is in preparation for a smooth and easy unpacking process.


Large-scale moves are indeed a huge challenge for any family or business. But with the right amount of preparation, it can be done in a positive way resulting into a better future for everyone. For more information on how to go about your move, contact 9Kilo today and we'd be happy to assist you right away.