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Bekins Van Lines has been in the moving industry for over 125 years. Now if you believe that old age is linked to wisdom, then it’s safe to say that this company has mastered all there is to know about moving.

It’s interesting to know that they’ve been in the industry for long enough because it tends to give you the assurance that they're well acquainted with a variety of moves. Sure, this gives Bekins Van Lines bonus points, but you’re bound to wonder what else makes it a company that stands a chance for your move?


In this blog, we’ll be answering this and also providing you with details about everything you should be knowing about before you pick Bekins Van Lines.


Bekins Van Lines as a moving company consider themselves to be experts in the field of moving, owing to their years of experience in the industry. We’d also like to point out that they are a subsidiary company of one of the biggest names in the moving industry, which is Wheaton World Wide Moving.

A simple glance at their website will drive you to the conclusion that they truly strive to maintain their brand reputation by not compromising on the quality of their service. This is probably the reason why they’ve managed to make a mark in the moving industry for so long. 125 years makes it possible for them to have age-old customers returning to use their services more than once.

The company was founded in the year 1891 and is based out of Indiana in the thriving city of Indianapolis. Their services aren’t just limited to those who reside in Indianapolis but they assist with moves all across the nation. Do note that the company doesn’t have their office set up in any other state. But to spread their company branches far and wide, they work with 400+ agents throughout the United States.

In total, Bekins Van Lines has a leadership team of 8 talented professionals dedicated to the trade of moving and ensuring the smooth functioning of the company. This team is the backbone of the company trying their best to improve the service by staying updated on trends. This proves that although Bekins is among the oldest names in the industry, they don’t really gravitate towards rusty methods.

Now that you’ve a good understanding of the company itself, let’s look at how Bekins can help you with your move.

What Services Do Bekins Van Lines Provide?

Assistance With Local And Long-Distance Household Moves

Whether you’re moving within the same city or you’ve found a home outside state lines, Bekins Van Lines can assist you with both these types of residential moves. You’ll have movers come right at your doorstep to lift and haul all your belongings into the truck. When you hire Bekins, you don’t necessarily have to take a full-service package; they’re also willing to build a customized package for you.

If you’d prefer to pack your own belongings to keep expenses down, you can always choose to omit the packing services from the bundle of services they offer. Typically, the bundle of services that are usually included in a full service local and long distance move are:

Primary services:

● Assistance with packing, loading and unloading
● Manpower to haul belongings
● Rental truck with driver

Secondary services:

● Storage units
● Protection of shipment (Full Replacement Value Protection and Limited Liability Protection)
● Packing supplies (if required)

In addition to this, you can turn to Bekins for advice on logistics of the move.

Assistance With A Priority Type Of Move

When you’ve to move homes due to unforeseen circumstances, it can be hard to get all the moving arrangements quickly together. Generally, you’d need at least 6-8 weeks to prepare for all the chores a move can bring. But at times, you may see yourself in a situation with less than 2 weeks to prepare. That’s when the ‘Priority Move’ service provided by Bekins Van Lines may be able to solve things out for you.

The Priority Move service aims to handle a last-minute type of move. The company understands the state of urgency and will help your small shipments reach home safely. The only drawback is that there’s a condition to how much Bekins can help.

For them to help you, your belongings should weigh a minimum of 3,500 pounds and a maximum of 6,000 pounds. So, you may have to downsize or consider this option only if you’re not taking more than 6,000 pounds.

Job Relocation Move

Relocating for a job can make you feel fried and frustrated especially if there’s an uncertainty coming from your employer about helping you with the move. If you see that your moving needs are not being met with, you can always introduce the HR department of your company to Bekins Van Lines.

Bekins states that they’d be able to help with the needs of both employees and employers. We believe finding that middle ground is necessary and if Bekins can truly help with that, it can certainly reduce the burden of the move for you.

Overall, Bekins will prioritize your budget and the time within which your belongings should reach your new place. Bekins also offers certain relocation benefits to their customers that relocate for work. You can introduce your company to Bekins so that they can work on a policy that benefits you financially.

Business Moves

Another specific type of move that Bekins can help with is those involving a business. This moving company specializes in transporting all the things you keep in your business store to a new location. For instance, if you have a baking business and you’re relocating your shop to a new state or locality, then you can count on Bekins to help you out with it.

The company has experience with dealing with both heavy-duty stuff and complex items so you can always reach out to them to deal with the most complicated type of move.

They can even help with moving medical equipment, heavy machines like a photocopy machine or a heavy duty oven. Here’s a short list of complex items that Bekins will be able to help you move -

● Heavy appliances
● Medical equipment
● Electronics like computers and other heavy devices set up at an office

Bekins can also help you with any kind of complex items that you’d like to take along such as a pool table or grand piano.

Military Moves

Bekins is among the top companies in the nation to pick for a military move. A government or military move has actually been one of their biggest selling points and this is reflected in their work. So by working with Bekins for a military move, you’ll surely have more benefits in comparison to other moving companies since Bekins specializes in these moves.


Key Takeaways

Upon looking at all the services provided by Bekins, it can surely be said that they’ve ventured into assisting with all kinds of moves. Be it local, interstate, international, job commercial or military-related, they can be of help.

How To Contact Bekins Van Lines?

Option 01

Fill the online form available on their website and a sales representative shall get in touch with you roughly within 24 hours. The form requires you to fill out your name, phone number and email address.

Option 02

You can directly write them an email at


Give them a call

Option 03

If you reside in Indiana, you could choose to visit their office personally. Their office is situated on the following address -

Bekins Van Lines Office Address:

8010 Castleton Road
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Do note that their office timings are from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. They’re closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Fee Structure Of Bekins Van Lines

The average costs for an interstate move with Bekins Van Lines is $5,035. Typically for interstate moves, the costs fall somewhere in between $3,000 to $6,000, so this proves that Bekins charges fall in the higher average. However, the total quote you pay for a moving service varies depending on the season, distance and how big the move actually is.

To give you a perspective in terms of costs, we’ve gathered a few examples of how much you can expect to pay:

Moving FromMoving ToNumber of RoomsFull Service Costs
NewyorkFlorida2 Bedroom$8800
CaliforniaNewyork1 Bedroom$4100
ArizonaWashington2 Bedroom$5600
Prescott, ArizonaPhoenix, Arizona3 Bedroom$5500(local move)
FloridaNewyork1 Bedroom$4796

A full service move with Bekins is calculated based on the following aspects:

● Weight of your belongings
● Distance being covered
● Loading and unloading
● Full/partial packing charges

Additional services you can ask for include opting for storage units and handling furniture or complex appliances. These, of course, incur additional costs.

Keep in mind that these are just rough figures to give you an idea of where the costs lie if you think of hiring Bekins. To get an accurate estimate we highly recommend using the ‘Ballpark Estimate’ feature on their website.


Why Choose Bekins Van Lines For Your Move?

Bekins Van Lines offers free ballpark estimates on their website. You can also schedule a free in-home evaluation to get the right estimate for your move. This free service is truly beneficial for those of you in the hunting stage and still pretty curious about how much it would cost you to hire Bekins. You can even schedule a virtual tour with them and this is great if you prefer to get an estimate from the comfort of your home.

Another area where we’d have to give Bekins credit is that they provide special discounts to their customers. For example, if you’re a senior citizen and an active member of NASMM (National Association of Senior and Speciality Move Managers), you can take advantage of certain discounts.

Similarly, if you choose to move during the off-season, the ‘Bekins Difference Program’ has some offers that work towards benefiting you as a customer. The discounts just make Bekins tempting and an interesting moving company to consider.

Lastly, the biggest plus point with Bekins is that they have a truckload of guides and resources to educate customers about the moving industry. They provide customers with packing guides, checklists and they even have a glossary that simplifies the meaning of words used in the moving industry. Now isn’t that great? They’re also extremely transparent about all the documents and forms their customers should read. Hence, they have an entire page on their website dedicated to providing online versions of the documents.

If you’re hiring a moving company for the first time then Bekins is a company to consider. They surely do a great job at updating their customers with terms and policies they should be aware of.

Presently, Bekins also has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Google Reviews and a good ratio of positive reviews that surpass the negative. They’ve also been given an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau forum which is the highest grade to achieve. These are the few indicators pointing out to the fact that Bekins Van Lines is a moving company that’s worth considering.

Our Take On Bekins Van Lines

The quote you receive from Bekins might be slightly higher than the average but we think it’s the price to pay for an efficient moving team. As per reviews online, communication with the customer service isn’t the best so that’s one area where the company is lacking. At Bekins, the strong points are that you can count on them for coordination and professional behaviour from the crew.

They’re also a reliable option if you have tons of speciality items to be moved as they’re exceptionally good at moving complex pieces of furniture. You can also consider hiring Bekins to turn to them for some sound advice on moving. Their website has guides, checklists and all the general information you’d need to know if you’re unfamiliar with how moving companies work.

Overall, we’d say that Bekins Van Lines is a good company to consider as they’re a subsidiary company of one of top-tier moving companies in the nation, their long history, and general customer reviews.



How much does it cost to hire Bekins Van Lines?

An average interstate move with Bekins Van Lines would cost you roughly $5,035. This is just a rough estimate of how much it would cost to hire them. To get an estimate that’s as accurate as it can get, we suggest getting a free quote or schedule an in-home evaluation.

Is Bekins Van Lines a good company?

Bekins Van Lines is a subsidiary company of the nationally recognized Wheaton World Wide Moving. Bekins has also been in the moving business for over 125 years. They certainly have years of experience in the moving industry and a good reputation to maintain. These are few of the indicators that make Bekins Van Lines a good company to consider hiring.

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