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The city of Richmond has great potential, it is the capital city of the state of Virginia and lies in a NoVA (Northern Virginia) area. NoVA is the most desired place to live because in its essence it is a powerhouse in terms of its economy and offerings. If you choose to live here, you’ll have the mountains and beaches in close proximity.

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To some extent it is a futuristic city and the fact that it is super affordable draws more people to it. Generally, the state and city also has less to worry about when it comes to crime rate. The nation also got its first female bank president from the state of Virginia!

Upside – The river James passes through the city creates a very relaxing atmosphere. Commuting in the city is also a breeze. It is also the center of all there is to do in Virginia.

Downside – The traffic can be a nuisance since the city residents are growing in number.

Safest Neighborhoods In Richmond  – Bellevue, Byrd Park, Museum District, Three Chopt and Westover Hills.