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Oklahoma shines as an incredibly affordable place to live, offering many economic advantages for residents. With a cost of living index of 87.9, Oklahoma is ranked as the fourth cheapest state in the US, making it an attractive choice for those seeking financial flexibility.

Oklahoma housing prices are particularly enticing, with costs 25% lower than the national average. The median home price is an affordable $142,400, while average monthly rents hover around $850, providing a range of choices to suit different budgets.

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When it comes to essential expenses, Oklahoma continues to deliver affordability. Costs for groceries and health care are among the cheapest in the nation, allowing residents to manage their budgets more efficiently and enjoy a higher quality of life.

While Oklahoma's economic advantages are notable, it's important to acknowledge the state's income disparity and poverty rate. The median income for a family of four in Oklahoma is $48,360 annually. However, the living wage for the same family size is estimated to be $77,126.40. This disparity contributes to Oklahoma having one of the highest poverty levels in the country, with fifteen percent of residents living at or below the poverty line. 

Despite economic considerations, Oklahoma has much to offer. Its diverse and robust economy provides job growth and career advancement opportunities with major corporations and a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. The state's natural beauty, cultural heritage, friendly communities, and passion for sports and entertainment add to its overall appeal.