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Do you know what it takes to prepare for moving with pets?

With the big move fast approaching, the time has come to go over your moving to-do list one more time.

Hired a bonded and licensed moving company that specializes in the move you plan to make?


Received an in-home estimate that locks you into an affordable fixed rate?


Labeled all of the boxes you will use to pack your stuff?


photo of moving with dog

One more item remains, and it has not even made your list. What are you going to do about moving with pets?

Moving is a stressful life event. Imagine what it is like for your pets. Dogs and cats thrive on the same routine day after day. Any disruption of the normal routine can cause considerable stress and anxiety. Before you do anything else to prepare for your move, let’s review a few tips that concern moving with pets.


It Starts with Rules and Regulations

It is important to check and verify every rule and regulation that pertains to moving with pets. When you move to a new home in a new city, you have to present certificates that demonstrate your pets have received all of the legally required vaccines and inspections. Although you have acquired all of the proper documents for your pets at your current home, the documents you need for the city hosting your new home might require different criteria.

Here are the rules and regulations you need to know before moving with pets:

Local Laws

The City Clerk in your new town will help you learn about local laws pertaining to pets. You will get acquainted with leash laws, licensing rules, and the limits placed by the city on the number of pets each household can board.

State Rules

Your state’ Veterinary Office of the Department of Agriculture will educate you about state laws and regulations.

Rabies Tag

Virtually every state requires a rabies tag for cats, canines, and a few species of exotic pets.

Health Certificates

A clean bill of health gets your pets on the right track for relocating to a new home.

Also, make sure that if you plan to move into an apartment or a condominium to confirm the facility allows pets.


Preparing Pets for a Move

One of the first questions to answer for moving with pets involves determining whether you will hire a pet moving service or perform the pet move yourself. One of the most significant advantages of performing the pet move yourself is your pets are familiar with you and your habits. You can move your pets by car or by air. If your pets have not experienced air travel, then moving them by car is the best option.

The key to getting your pets acclimated to a move is to make sure the pets become comfortable traveling in a pet carrier. A pet carrier not only provides a safe place for traveling, but it also can give animals a sense of comfort. Place a blanket inside the carrier, as well as a few treats and a small bowl of food and water.

Next, you want your pets to be comfortable traveling in a car. You might have taken Fido and Fluffy to the store and veterinarian. However, you have not traveled a significant distance with your pets traveling in a carrier. Take the time to drive for a few hours to help your pets ease the stress and anxiety generated by car travel.


Keeping Pets Safe During a Move

Some of the things you already use to ensure the safety of your pets should be a part of the game plan that involves moving with pets.

ID Tags

The ID tags you attach to the collar should include the pet’s name, your name, the address of your new home, and the best number to contact you by phone.


The critical thing to note here is the plural of the leash. You need to have at least two leashes on hand to account for unexpected damage to the primary leash. Pack the spare leash in an easily accessible piece of luggage.

Pet Carriers

Most pets experience less stress when inside of a pet carrier. However, some pets do well traveling outside of a pet carrier. In either case, it is a good idea to have a pet carrier with you when moving with pets.


If the worst-case scenario occurs and your pet gets loose during a move, a microchip links to a pet recovery system to track and find where your pet is located.

Pet Records

Make sure to have all of your pet records in a handy location in case you need emergency veterinarian care during relocation.


When You Reach Your New Home

You have made it to your new home, and your pets begin to stir in the back of the car. Now, the time has come to acquaint your pets with their new surroundings. Right after you pull up to your new home, remove your pets from the carriers and place them in the same room of your new home. Inspect the rest of the house to determine whether any safety issues are present. The work might not be completed yet on one or more rooms, which means tools and equipment might be scattered around the house. You also want to ensure every door and window is closed. Only after a thorough inspection is performed do you allow your pets to explore their new home.

Ease the transition by placing familiar objects like toys in the same areas of the new home the toys were placed in your old home. Of course, the schematic of your new home will be different, but we mean rooms such as the kitchen living room and dining room. Make sure to reestablish the same feeding routine that you established for your pets at the previous residence. You want to alleviate the stress of moving with pets by exuding an aura of calmness. Animals are highly intuitive, and if your pets sense your calmness, perhaps a little of it will rub off on them.

It is not easy moving with pets, but you want your furry best friends to make a move in a manner that minimizes stress and anxiety.


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