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The nation’s capital is one of the most desirable places to live in the US. If you’re looking for a society with a good dose of culture and diversity then this is the place to be. The city also has an extensive public transit system that makes commuting easy. Another perk is that you live well and earn well too. It is referred to as a signature city because you have access to world-class amenities here.

Upside – Washington, D.C. has previously won the title for being one of the best cities for working women. In terms of job opportunities and security,  this city is doing pretty well.

Downside – It can be very expensive to live in Washington but on the other hand, the average median income here is way higher than in other cities in the nation.

Safest Neighborhoods In Washington, D.C– Foxhall Village, Palisades, Woodland Normanstone, Van Ness and Hawthorne.