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Located in Midtown Raleigh, North Hills is a neighborhood that’s more upbeat than most others mentioned in this list. It’s fast, loud, and is home to a lot of action. The area sprawls with a variety of chic restaurants, large malls, and a range of entertainment options. The North Hills Mall and North Hill Plaza are two primary areas you should take notice of to fulfill all your shopping needs. If you’re hungry, you can head down to Midtown Grille for some casual dining or Another Broken Egg Café to have a hearty breakfast.

Due to its commercial nature, you will find a perfect blend of local and corporate businesses established over here. It also gives you good access to some major highways going through the city, making your commute to work convenient. Or, simply pick one of the businesses housed in Class A office spaces, and walk to work! Several craft breweries are also situated within the grounds of this bustling neighborhood. So, whenever you’re having a chilled pint at one of the pubs in North Hills, you know where it's coming from!

The area also hosts several concerts, festivals, and farmer’s markets, so if you’re looking to have some fun with your pals, North Hills has plenty of outdoor opportunities. This neighborhood also happens to be one of the fastest-growing and we can’t see a reason why people wouldn't want to move to this bustling place.