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Home to the entertainment powerhouse of Las Vegas, the state of Nevada has no shortage of night life, entertainment, gaming, and fine dining options. It’s also one of the states with no tax on personal income and no state sales tax on food and medicine. That gives you a bit more leeway to easily save a few bucks and spend more on leisure activities. The overall cost of living in Nevada might be slightly higher than the national average. Even so, it’s still lower than that of California, especially when it comes to rent and housing.

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Nevada’s scenery is also something to look out for. The state has a number of mountain ranges as well as thousands of miles of hiking trails for you to explore and satiate your adrenaline rush. As far as career prospects are concerned, Silver State has a good amount of educational and job opportunities, especially in the healthcare, business services, and transportation sectors. The pace of life is comparatively slower in Nevada, so if that’s something you’d prefer then it’s worth giving this state a chance.