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Like taking it easy and slow? Then the Loup City in Nebraska is the perfect place to set foot. You can find a ton of land or reasonably cheap in the city. There are “loopholes” to the operation of free land in “Loup City” (pun intended). For instance, if you visit and find a vacant lot that you love and would like to improve, there could be a base deposit fee for you to bear just to have it reserved.

Since in the past Nebraska was largely rural, this policy lured people into the state. In the present times the rural side has declined but it’s still much easier to find land here than in other parts of the nation. It would be necessary to actually visit a government office in Nebraska to learn more about the forms and procedures to get free land.

Upside – There are plenty of ranches and activities that keep the city up and running. Besides Loup City, you can also consider the city of Beatrice and Curtis for free land in Nebraska.