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With a population that’s almost reaching three million, the state of Kansas keeps growing larger in number. The state is one of the nation’s top choices for homesteading. Kansas has most of the traits that are attractive to those looking to get some dirt cheap land or qualify for free land. The weather conditions are temperate so if you’re considering growing crops, this state works in your favor.

Presently, ‘The Free Home Site Program’ is the operation running in the city of Lincoln that allows citizens to obtain free land under certain conditions. For in depth information, we suggest calling the city office branch at 785-524-4280. You also try ringing up the County Economic Development office at 785-524-8954.

Upside - The population in Lincoln is small and roughly 3,500. So it’s easy to feel part of a community. It’s also common for everyone to know everyone. Another plus point is that it’s not completely cut off from cities, but a one-hour drive could connect you to more urban areas. Marquette, Mankato, and Plainville are other cities in Kansas that you can consider for free land.