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Situated in the western region of downtown Raleigh, Boylan Heights is a vibrant neighborhood that many have been noticing lately. Being a historic neighborhood, this area is home to some of the finest colonial architecture. Some notable mentions are the Queen Anne Style of English architecture that reflected the reign of Queen Anne, and the Colonial Revival-style structures that preserved the remains of American colonialism.

As a neighborhood, Boylan Heights is home to many college students and young professionals. One notable feature of the neighborhood is that several residents bicycle or walk to work; you can imagine the convenience of commute it offers if this is the trend!

One of Boylan Heights’ famous attractions is the Montfort Hall, a mansion that stood the test of time and survived the American Civil War. It’s regarded as a historic landmark and is currently renovated into a boutique hotel that goes by the name Heights House Hotel. If you want to taste a bit of opulence while scoping out the neighborhood, you can book a stay in this luxurious hotel.

The neighborhood is close to several parks, all within walking distance. During the Christmas season, an Art Walk is held in this area to appreciate and support local artists. So, if you’re looking for a way to spread some Christmas cheer, an Art Walk in Boylan Heights is perhaps the best way to do so!