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  • 4.6 stars on Angi’s List
  • Full-service packing options
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Company Overview

Sheridan Brothers Moving is a family-owned and operated mover. They have been diligently serving the Greater Rochester area for over 30 years. Their comprehensive offering includes moving, packing, and storage options. They are committed to achieving customer satisfaction and are professional, trustworthy, and dependable.

Why we recommend Sheridan Bros. Moving: Wide range of services 

Sheridan Brothers Moving is not just a typical moving company; they offer an expansive range of services tailored to every client's needs. Whether you're looking to move locally, venture out of state, or even cross international borders, they have you covered. Their versatility in handling various moving scenarios, backed by years of expertise, ensures a seamless and stress-free experience.


  • ➡️ Long-distance moves
  • ➡️ Local movers
  • ➡️ Residential moving
  • ➡️ Storage services
  • ➡️ Packing services
  • ➡️ International moving services


  • Free estimates
  • Packing supplies
  • Full-service packing options
  • Storage facility available
  • Rochester area experts
  • 4.6 stars on Angi’s List


  • Some reviews mention unprofessional staff
  • Some reviews state that their pricing is higher than the average