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Company Overview

With a humble beginning in 1994 and a single truck, NorthStar Moving Company has emerged as one of the best moving companies in the San Francisco Bay area, earning a stellar reputation over its 25-year journey. Having completed over 132,000 moves, NorthStar Moving boasts a large fleet of biodiesel moving trucks, embodying their commitment to sustainability. 

Renowned for their exceptional service, NorthStar consistently receives an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and their impressive five-star ratings on Trustlink, Google, and Yelp speak to their customers' satisfaction. 

Their dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as they have received numerous awards and have been featured in various publications and television shows. 

Their comprehensive range of services includes local, intrastate, long-distance, and international moves, catering to residential and commercial clients. These highly rated San Francisco movers also specialize in film production moves and offer full-service storage and warehousing solutions.

When it comes to reliability, professionalism, and catering to the unique needs of high-profile movers and shakers, NorthStar Moving shines bright! 


  • ➡️ Local moves
  • ➡️ Long-distance moves
  • ➡️ International moves
  • ➡️ Celebrity moves
  • ➡️ Production moves
  • ➡️ Personal and commercial storage
  • ➡️ Packing and unpacking
  • ➡️ Packing supplies
  • ➡️ Specialty moving services


  • A+ rating by Better Business Bureau
  • Packing materials and supplies
  • Great customer service
  • Local moving company
  • Experienced team
  • Award-winning company
  • Free estimates


  • No instant quotes
  • In high demand—may have a full schedule
  • Above average pricing

Why we like NorthStar Moving 

NorthStar Moving embraces sustainability 

NorthStar Moving is one of the few moving companies in San Francisco that prioritizes sustainability initiatives as part of its core values. 

Despite the industry's traditional lack of green services, NorthStar is committed to changing that through eco-friendly practices. The company's green moving services are designed to make a genuine environmental difference without any extra cost to its customers. 

These initiatives include: 

♻️ Official partner of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI): NorthStar Moving advocates responsible forestry practices and only uses moving boxes that meet the SFI Certified Sourcing standard, using fiber from responsible and legal sources.

♻️ Client discounts for used boxes: NorthStar will collect any of their 100% recyclable boxes from their clients. They will inspect them for quality and pay back 25% of the original cost of the recycled moving boxes. New clients can also purchase these boxes for 25% less. Boxes that are too worn will be fully recycled. 

♻️ Biofuel: Many vehicles in their moving fleet use biodiesel, which is kinder to the environment. They also use battery-powered lift gates on all their moving trucks so they can be turned off while the lift gates are still in use. This small step lessens their carbon footprint.

♻️ Biodegradable bubble wrap: The bubble wrap that NorthStar Moving uses is also fully biodegradable, so you can discard it without worrying about the impact.  

A wide range of additional services 

For NorthStar, moving involves more than just physical labor; it's about creating a smooth and stress-free experience for you. They offer a comprehensive range of services to do just that. Their moving services go beyond simply transporting your belongings—they aim to provide a complete solution that caters to every aspect of your move. 

To NorthStar, everyone is a celebrity, and their red-carpet full-service experience ensures that every detail is taken care of. From helping with the logistics of relocating your family and settling into a new home to assisting with the seamless transition of your pets and even helping you with no-longer-needed items’ removal for charity donations, they have you covered! 

With NorthStar Moving, you can rest assured that its wide menu of solutions will address your unique needs. Some of their many additional luxury services include: 

🚚 Pet moving 

🚚 Childcare options 

🚚 Meals and catering for your move 

🚚 Home organization services, including home staging and decluttering 

🚚 Home cleaning services

🚚 Junk removal 

🚚 Vehicle and boat transportation, and way more! 

🏆 Customer opinion

“Outstanding professionalism and customer service. My move experienced some unexpected challenges, and I fully expected to have to deal with these myself since many moving companies will leave you out in the cold after you pay. However, NorthStar went absolutely above and beyond to assist me and ensure I had a positive experience long after my last check to them cleared. If you are seeking a fast and efficient mover that operates with integrity, your search is over.”

Simon Perilla