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The ‘Big Sky Country’ of Montana has beautiful mountain ranges throughout the state that have attracted a lot of tourists here. For many people, the wide-open spaces and recreational activities in the state have made them want to move here. It’s hard to not want to go to a state that has plenty of job opportunities and good quality of living. Montana is such a place where you’ll not only find serene landscapes but also get to enjoy an active city lifestyle.

Whether you’re moving to Montana for exploring your career opportunities, seeking education, or settling with your family, you’ll need to know about the DMV paperwork. So before you head out with your car keys, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the state’s legal obligations that you’ll have to meet. To help you with this process, we’ve compiled a list of things that cover everything related to the Montana DMV change of address.


Who Should You Get In Touch With For A DMV Change Of Address In Montana?

To get your address changed on your driver’s license, you’ll have to contact the Montana Motor Vehicle Division. Planning on doing it online? Tough luck! DMV change of address in Montana cannot be done online or over the phone. You’ll have to go visit the Montana Motor Vehicle Division in person.

Be mindful of completing the process of exchanging your out-of-state driver’s license within 60 days of establishing a residency in Montana. There shouldn’t be any delay in this process, else the state will charge you with a hefty fine. Since time is of the essence here, you’ll have to make time from your busy schedule to do this important paperwork.

Why Update Your Address With The Montana DMV?

Getting the address updated on your driver’s license is made mandatory by all the states in the U.S. Your important mail correspondence, documents, fees, registration notices, etc. will reach your old address if you haven’t updated your new address on your license. The state will charge you with a penalty if you have the wrong address on your license. Do keep in mind that your license is a universally accepted form of personal identification. That’s why you’re obligated to notify the DMV about your change of address to save yourself from any penalties.

Getting A Montana Driving License When Moving From Another State

To convert your out-of-state license to the state of Montana, you would need to visit a DMV office near your house. Since the state of Montana doesn’t offer any online services, you’ll have to visit the DMV office in person. We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to carry along with you before you visit the DMV.

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The various documentation and information needed for applying a new driver’s license are:

Proof of identity by presenting 1 of the following –

  • A valid and unexpired U.S. passport
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate
  • A certificate of naturalization
  • A certificate of citizenship

Proof of Montana residency by presenting 2 of the following –

  • A lease agreement
  • Utility bill (could be your gas, water, electricity, cable, or sewer bill) with your name and address reflected on it
  • A property tax bill
  • An insurance policy

Proof of Social Security Number by presenting one of the following –

  • Your official Social Security card
  • W-2 tax form
  • A pay stub issued within the last 5 years and must contain your name and SSN

Don’t forget to carry your out-of-state license and completed change of address application form to present it at the time of applying for a new one.

Make sure that all the documents that you carry at the DMV office are original and unexpired. Also, make a mental note of the fact that some additional documents are mandatory as proof of your name change. You can carry your marriage certificates, divorce decree, adoption papers, or any court-sanctioned orders for it.

Processing fees- Your fee for a new non-commercial driver’s license in Montana is $40 and is valid for 8 years. Do keep in mind that the fees vary depending on your age. You can check the state’s fee chart for more information on the fee structure.

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Registering Your Vehicle To Montana

The state of Montana requires you to register your out-of-state vehicle within 60 days of establishing your residency.

To register your vehicle, you have to carry the following documents to the DMV nearest to your home:

  • The completed vehicle registration/title application form
  • Bring the original vehicle title or any document proving ownership of the vehicle
  • Your current out-of-state vehicle registration
  • Proof of Montana state automobile liability insurance
  • Proof of identification along with a Montana residential address on it
  • Proof that sales tax was paid

Note: Keep in mind that you’ll have to get a Vehicle Identification Number of your vehicle to ensure that the details in the DMV database match your vehicle.

Processing fees- The state of Montana requires you to pay an $87.50 registration fee, a $10 Montana Highway Patrol Salary and Retention Fee, and county tax. For any further information on the fee structure, check out the fee chart on the state’s official website.


Getting A Montana Driving License When Moving Within Montana

If you change your place of residence within the state of Montana, you must update your address on your driver’s license within 10 days. There are two ways through which you can update your address:

By Mail

If you prefer notifying the DMV via mail, you’ll have to first download the change of address form. You’re required to complete a Change of Address for Driver License or ID Card (Electronic Record) form. Once you’ve printed out the application and filled it out, you can drop it in the mail.

Who To Mail The Form And Where?

Motor Vehicle Division,

Records Section, P.O. Box 201430,

Helena, MT 59620-1430.

In Person

You can also visit the state’s DMV office in person and complete your change of address procedure. After you fill out the change of address form, you’ll also have to submit a few documents as proof of your new residential address in the state.

Processing fees- If you’re moving within Montana, your change of address is free. Do keep in mind that you’ll have to pay a $10.30 replacement fee if you want a duplicate license with your new address on it.


Things To Keep In Mind When Moving Out Of Montana

If you’re moving out of Montana, you needn’t notify the state. Once you get your new driver’s license in your new state of residency, the DMV will automatically cancel your driver’s license. The state doesn’t even require you to notify them about your move to a new state with your registered vehicle. Speaking of your license plates, you’re not obliged to return them to the state. So you can choose to either return them to a licensing office or recycle them in an aluminium recycling bin in your locality. Don’t forget to research your new state’s procedures about the DMV paperwork as regulations vary from state to state.

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When you move to a new place, make sure that you keep your legal paperwork as one of your priorities. Since you have a limited period of time to complete your DMV paperwork, you shouldn’t delay it. So make sure you complete the process in time to enjoy your driving privileges in Montana.


How Do I Change My Address On My Driver’s License In Montana?

You’re required to complete a Change of Address for Driver License or ID Card (Electronic Record) form. Once you’ve printed out the application and filled it out, you can drop it in the mail at the following address: Motor Vehicle Division, Records Section, P.O. Box 201430, Helena, MT 59620-1430.

How Much Does A Montana Real ID Cost?

Your fee for adding a Real ID on any Montana license will be $25.

How Many Months Do I Have To Live In Montana To Be A Resident?

You’ll have to live in Montana for 12 or more months and make sure your absence doesn’t exceed more than 30 days in the state.

Do You Need A Montana Driver’s License To Register A Car?

It’s mandatory to bring your valid Montana Driver’s License, your proof of insurance, and processing fees to register a car in Montana.