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Massachusetts DMV

Moving houses comes with a lot of documentation to be done, one of which involves address changes. A lot of official address changes have limited time periods in which to get them done, like a Massachusetts DMV change of address. Our comprehensive blog is your one-stop guide to a Massachusetts DMV change of address and vehicle registration.

Who Should You Get In Touch With For A Massachusetts DMV Change Of Address?

Massachusetts has the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) that is in charge of several of the tasks you need to check off your list when moving to Massachusetts. Don’t panic at the unfamiliarity of the RMV and no sign of the DMV – this is but a different name for the same departments in charge of the same tasks, from registering your vehicles with the state of Massachusetts to updating your addresses and driving license.

Unlike the state of Ohio, the Massachusetts RMV gives you a period of 30 days to notify them of any address changes. This period starts from the very day you move in, so don’t dilly-dally as time can fly by with the unpacking and adjusting you’ll be doing. Schedule a Massachusetts DMV change of address within the first week of moving in and slot it in your moving schedule.


Why Undergo A Massachusetts DMV Change Of Address?

Informing the respective authorities of any address changes is your civic duty. The DMV keeps a record of residential addresses (the number and street of residence) and mailing addresses (official address where mail is received). You are legally required to be notifying the DMV of your address change, and that too within the stipulated time period. Apart from the obvious legal reasons, notifying a change of address will enable you to have an updated driving license and car registration.

Getting A Massachusetts Driving License When Moving Within Massachusetts

If your move is intra-state i.e. within Massachusetts, you don’t need to worry about applying for a driving license all over again. However, you do need to update your address so your records are updated. There are a few ways you can do a Massachusetts DMV change of address:

Online: Visit the MA RMV website to apply for a Massachusetts DMV change of address. You’ll need your driver’s license or your Massachusetts ID card number, the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), your complete new address and your email address. You will receive confirmation via email and text if the change is successful.

Over the Phone: The number to dial is (800) 858-3926, but people from area codes 339, 617, 781, and 857 need to dial (857) 368-8000. If you’re hard of hearing or deaf, dial TTY: (877) 768-8833. Make sure to keep your driver’s license or your Massachusetts ID card number and the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) handy, as well as your complete new address.

In-Person: Look up your nearest MA RMV to apply for a change of address in person. You’ll be required to fill a form, and be likely to include the license plate numbers of the vehicle registration addresses you’ll need to change if there are any.

Updating Your Vehicle Registration

You can update the address on your vehicle registration when you’re applying for a change of address for your license. You will require the same documents and details, and the process should be just as seamless.


Getting A Massachusetts Driving License When Moving From Another State

The procedure to get a Massachusetts DMV change of address for people who have moved to Massachusetts from another state entirely is different, and slightly more complex. You will have to exchange your out-of-state driver’s license for a Massachusetts license. Additionally, it must be done in person at an RMV service center. Nonetheless, you do have the option of starting your application online.

Before you apply, decide which license you would like to apply for: you can get a REAL ID license that is federally-compliant and serves as valid federal identification from October 1, 2021. Or, you can choose to get a Standard Massachusetts driving license that is not valid for federal purposes.

You have to fulfill certain requirements to be able to get a Massachusetts driving license, which comprise being a resident of Massachusetts, being at least 18 years of age, having a learner’s permit, and passing a written test, driving test, and vision screening. If your previous license is active or has expired less than a year ago, the written and driving tests will be waived.

The process to acquire a Learner’s Permit is simple. Here’s the documents you’ll need:

  • A filled Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit or ID Card Application (Form LIC100).
  • Your out-of-state driver’s license.
  • 1 document proving U.S. citizenship or lawful presence.
  • Proof of residency in Massachusetts.
  • 1 document with proof of your Social Security Number.
  • Payment for the $30 application fee.

You will need to submit the following documents to get a Massachusetts driving license:

  • 1 document as a proof of having lawful residence in the U.S. (valid U.S. passport, valid permanent resident card (green card), valid U.S. birth certificate)
  • 1 document with proof of Social Security Number.
  • 2 documents showing proof of Massachusetts residency. (Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy for current year, credit card statement or utility bill dated within 60 days)
  • Your out-of-state driving license.

To get a Massachusetts driving license, you will have to:

  • Visit an RMV service centre with all the required documents
  • Start off your application online
  • Bring your completed application to an RMV service centre.

The RMV will send you your new driving license at your mailing address. Expect to receive it within 8 to 10 days. You will also have to pay a fee for converting your out-of-state license to a Massachusetts driving license. It ranges from $115 to $140 depending on the type of license.

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Registering Your Vehicle In Massachusetts

Similar to converting your license, you are required to convert your out-of-state vehicle registration and title as well. You are required to do so immediately, and are given no grace period. Even more reason to get those post-moving day plans in place!

The documents you will need to register your vehicle in Massachusetts are:

  • An affidavit in support for exemption from sales or use tax for a motor vehicle purchased outside of Massachusetts (MVU-29).
  • Proof of Massachusetts insurance through the Registration and Title Application (Form TTLREG100), complete with insurance stamp and signature. You will have to go to a licensed Massachusetts insurance agent to obtain this.
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle through your out-of-state certificate of title. Your registration from the previous state will suffice if a lien exists on the vehicle.

Take all of the documents, the completed Registration and Title Application, and the sales tax form to your nearest RMV Service center. Additionally, you must have a vehicle inspection performed within 7 days of the registration date in order to get a vehicle inspection sticker. You will have to pay a certain amount as a registration fee, which differs based on the plate type, and a $75 titling fee. The Massachusetts certificate of title will be mailed to you. Expect to receive it in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. It will go straight to your lienholder if you have a loan on the vehicle.

Please note: You are exempt from paying the Massachusetts sales tax if your vehicle was already registered in your previous state for over 6 months. Similarly, you are exempt if you purchased a vehicle in Massachusetts, had it sent to an out-of-state address and are now registering it in Massachusetts. At the end of the process, you will receive new plates, a registration certificate you must store safely, and a year of expiration sticker for the rear plate.


Things To Remember

  • The USPS and the state DMVs are all official departments of the government. However, changing your address with the USPS is not enough as the USPS does not work in tandem with the DMV, and your DMV records will remain non-updated till you get it done yourself.
  • Getting a Massachusetts DMV change of address only updates your records at the Massachusetts RMV. You have to apply for a replacement of your driving license, ID, registration and title to have a physical copy with your updated address. A replacement license costs $25.
  • If you opt to not get a replacement, you are required to write your new residential address on the back of your existing driving license with permanent ink. Similarly, stick an address label to cover your old address on your vehicle registration.

Finally, make sure you have the right moving company to actually haul the boxes on moving day, so that your moving can go as smoothly as possible. Contact us for comprehensive help on the same.


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