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The state of Colorado has an average elevation of 6,800 feet which makes it one of the highest-altitude state in the U.S. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast you’ll most likely enjoy the challenges that come with the elevation and the 300 days of sunshine here. The long summer days and the landscape of Colorado manages to coax residents into staying outdoors. The state is also home to some scenic mountain passes such as the stunning Pikes Peak Highway, Red Mountain Pass, Poudre Canyon, Garden of the Gods and Mount Evans.

With the company of a four-wheeler, you would be able to cover the beauty of the mountain passes and discover the best spots to hike, ski and cycle. If you’re planning on counting on your car to get outdoors when you move here, there are few processes that you should gain an understanding of before you relocate. In this blog we will cover it all for you.


Read on to learn more about Colorado DMV change of address and how to go about  it.

Who Should You Get In Touch With For A DMV Change Of Address In Colorado?

You would need to contact the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles to change your address once you move here.There are multiple Motor Vehicle branches and we’d recommend to scout for the one closest to your new location. The good news is that in the state of Colorado, each and every county has an independent motor vehicle branch. Although there are 64 counties, you would be able to find more than 64 branches, since the bigger counties have more than 5 motor vehicle offices for residents. In short, you shouldn’t be worrying about not finding an office within a decent distance from home.

Also, like most other states you would have 30 days in hand to change your address post your move to Colorado. Remember to set aside sufficient time from unpacking to visit the office so you are authorized to drive in the state of Colorado.

Do note that 30 days is the timeframe and you shouldn’t delay this process or you could end up losing more time dealing with all the consequences of carrying an invalid driver’s license.

Why To Update Your Colorado DMV Change Of Address?

It is important to notify the DMV about your residential address so that your driver’s license has the correct address on it. This way you’re safeguarding yourself from paying a fine for carrying an invalid license. Remember that by completing the process, all mail correspondence from the DMV will successfully reach your new home address and it isn’t reaching the person who has now taken up residence in your old place.

Getting A Colorado Driving License When Moving From Another State

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles to an extent gives residents an opportunity to complete the application process online from the comfort of their new homes. You can start filling out the online application to make things a tad bit easier when you physically visit the office.

For this, you’d need to complete the ‘pre-registration process’ on the website. Simply fill out the basic information about your citizenship and documents you are planning to bring to the DMV. It should take you 10-12 minutes to complete this. Once you complete the online application, you will be sent an email that states the exact date on which you should visit the office along with the list of documents. The email would also state the expected fees you should carry. Carry the email confirmation with you so that when you visit the office you’re halfway through with the process.

When it comes down to verifying your original documents, everyone has to make a visit to the office. A mistake that most newcomers of the state do is walk-in to complete the transaction with half the documents required. But we’re here to help you avoid making a second visit.

Read on to learn about everything you need to carry with you before you visit a Motor Vehicle branch in your county.

The various documentation and information needed for applying a new driver’s license are:

  1. Your out-of-state driver’s license (Note: It should be a valid driver’s license that isn’t expired for over a year)
  2. Unexpired US Passport to prove citizenship
  3. Certificate of citizenship as well
  4. Social Security Card or W-2 form
  5. Residential proof by submitting insurance policy, bank statement, a lease agreement or mortgage statement and a utility bill (with service address on it)

Make sure that all the documents you provide for proof are not electronic soft copies but visit the office with hard copies of the same. While providing residential proof, the document should reflect the street address, city and state.

If any of the above documents you submit doesn’t reflect your full name, you would need to present the office with an additional document as proof for your full name. For instance, if your last name changed after marriage, you should carry a Certificate of Marriage along with you. And it goes without saying that if you had more than one name change you would need to take that extra step to carry a supporting document.

Processing Fees – To convert your out-of-state license with your Colorado residential address, you would need to pay $30.87. Depending on whether you wish to extend the period by which your license would expire the fees could vary.

Do note that Colorado is in partnership with Donor Alliance and during the application process you would be asked about organ, eye and tissue donation. Please consider your choice about becoming an organ donor and be prepared with an answer in advance.

You would also be required to pass a vision exam as part of the application process. You may not need to take a driving test if your license is a valid one.


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Registering Your Vehicle To Colorado

Now, before you even register your vehicle, you would need to convert your out-of-state vehicle title to Colorado by filling out the ‘Verification of Vehicle Identification Number form’. The form must be signed and completed by:

  • A Colorado law enforcement officer
  • A licensed Colorado motor vehicle dealer
  • A licensed Colorado emissions testing station

You can take assistance from a county motor vehicle office to complete this process. You can also contact the State Title Section at 303-205-5608 for more information.

Post that you can visit the office to register your vehicle. You would have 90 days to register your vehicle after moving into Colorado.

Here is a list of all the documents you need to carry and information you need to get your vehicle registered.

  • Your out-of-state vehicle registration
  • Residential proof
  • Proof of insurance

Processing fees – There would be two types of fees you’ll need to pay which is the title fee and registration fee. We can’t really state a definite amount here as the fees vary depending on the value and weight of your vehicle.

Getting A Colorado Driving License When Moving Within Colorado

Even when you’re changing houses within the state of Colorado itself you would still have 30 days to change the address on your driving license. The DMV provides you with 3 ways to complete the process.

1. Add or change a Colorado driver license address online

This is the help yourself online approach where you can easily fill out the form available on the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles website to change the address. It would take you approximately 10 minutes to complete the form. Be sure to have a printer around as you would need to print your own return address label and send it out.

2. By Mail

If you wish to send out the form via mail. You would first need to download and print the Change of Address form (DR2285). You can then fill out the form and drop it in the mail.

Who To Mail The Form And Where?

Mail the form to:

COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Division of Motor Vehicles P.O. Box 173350 Denver, CO 80217-3350.

3. In person at a nearby DMV office

Lastly, you can also fill out the same form you filled online physically at an office too. This is a great option if you don’t like dealing with administrative processes online. When you visit the office you would need to carry 2 documents as proof for your new residential address.

Note – There is no application fee to pay for renewing the address on your license when you move within the state itself. However, if you want to receive a brand new license with the address imprinted on it, you would need to pay a $12 fee. You would receive a temporary document till the new license card is mailed to you.


Things To Keep In Mind When Moving Out Of Colorado

While moving out of Colorado, you don’t require to notify the current DMV regarding your move. You would need to follow a similar process in the new state you move into. Remember to keep your license plates and the current driving license handy as you would eventually need to return it in exchange for the new license. In pretty much all the states, it isn’t legal to have two state licenses with you. It is one of the main causes for identity theft. Whenever you move to a new state, you are required to turn in your old license and in return get verified for a new state license.


The state of Colorado has a good number of motor vehicle offices in each county and an efficient online process in place as well. We’d recommend making use of the online appointment option so you can probably get out of the DMV sooner. That being said, with a little bit of proper planning, you will surely manage to handle the tedious parts of getting a Colorado DMV change of address done with ease.


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