How to get Slime Out of your Carpet

Is your child crazily obsessed with slime? And do you find slime is the worst cleaning nightmare?

Slime, the most favored children’s toy and fun to play with, gets mixed up quickly and forms bright shades because of food coloring. However, it’s no fun for a parent to figure out how to clean it as this stuff gets everywhere. More so, if it gets on your favorite rug or the carpet. Our homes are where most children’s play happens, and when slime is involved, it is bound to get messy. Don’t worry; help is here. Knowing the different safe removal methods of slime from the carpet ensures it is done pretty quickly and easily.

First thing first, let’s find out what Slime is? And how is it made?

Slime is typically a mixture of glue, water, food coloring, starch, and glitter. 

The glue here bonds with your carpet fibers, and food coloring causes stains on them. Therefore, as a solution, you need a product that can break the glue and remove food coloring pigments.

What are the different types of Slime?

Before coming up with ways to remove the slime from the carpet, you first need to know what you are cleaning, i.e., the various types of slime, as each one demands a different strategy.

  • Classic Slime is thick, durable, and usually sold over the counter. Unless it is stepped on, this slime kind does not stick to the carpet. It usually comes out when gently scraped off the carpet with a butter knife if it dries.
  • Butter Slime is slick, slippery, stretchy, and smooth with a putty-like texture. If not handled properly, it sticks to the carpet.
  • Sugar Slime is crunchy like tiny beads, and when you squeeze it, it sounds like packed snow. Except for a few variations, it mostly does not stick to the carpet. 
  • Cloud Slime is fluffy and dream-like. It isn’t too sticky and does not get attached to the surfaces; instead rolls off them.
  • As the name suggests, jelly or Clear Slime has a clear base and often resembles the type used on Nickelodeon. It is terrible news, one of the hardest and nothing less of a disaster when it gets attached to the carpet. 
  • Many other types are there with glitter and other such ingredients; however, they are mostly related to those listed above.

Products and tools to get Slime out of Carpet

Now that we know what slime is its types let’s start understanding different products and tools that can come in handy at the time of removal.

  • White distilled vinegar forms an effective solution with water for slime removal without causing any damage to the texture or color.
  • A paint scraper is usually replaced with a butter knife that has a greater surface area, which turns out to be more effective at removing the slime from your carpet. No matter what tool is used, be mindful of its sharpness so as not to cause damage to the carpet.
  • Scrubbing brush helps thick, dried slime come loose from the carpet without any damage. Ensure that the brush has handles for easy grip and plastic bristles instead of metal.
  • The vacuum collects all residue that remains within the deeper layers of the carpet; therefore,it is to be used at the end when you have removed all the possible slime from the carpet. A final vacuum gives your carpet a thick and lush look.
  • OxyClean spot treatment is an oxygen-based, water-activated formula. It is highly effective in dealing with stains problem of any color kind. To use, dissolve the powder into water and dab it on the carpet using a clean cloth. However, wear gloves as part of safety measures and proceed only after the spot check.

Ways and steps to remove Slime

Whenever faced with a slime problem, it is better to get on with it straight away. The following methods will help with both wet and dry slimes.

Ice cubes

Ice cubes work wonders in removing dried slime and bringing your carpet back to its glory. Apply ice or a pack of ice if the slime stain is fresh for 10 – 15 minutes. It will freeze the slime and help scrape off the same and vacuum.

Vinegar and baking soda

It is one of the most common ways. Mix vinegar with water in the 2:1 ratio, and spray at the slime spot after sprinkling baking soda. After 10 minutes, use a scrub brush, clean the stain, wipe up slime particles with a paper towel. Now dab warm water on the problem spot and let it dry before vacuuming. 

Hot water

It is the safest and surest method to get slime out of the carpet. 

Club Soda

It’s safe and fun to use instead of water. First, scrape off everything, then vacuum off all loose pieces. Let it soak with the club soda solution, then wet with water and dry.

Rubbing alcohol

It is better than the other listed methods but riskier to follow. If not paid proper attention can cause a hole in the carpet in the affected area as it can break down the bottom layers of the carpet.

Dish soap

Dish soap is excellent for removing grease and other stains and works as well as alcohol when breaking down materials. Mix 1 tsp liquid dish soap with 2 cups of water and fill in a spray bottle. Follow the steps as advised and see the result.

Hydrogen peroxide

Make sure to use only the light-colored carpets after the successful spot test. Mix 3 tbsp hydrogen peroxide with ½ cup warm water and spray it at the affected area. Wash it after 5minutes with a wet towel. Repeat this step if needed and dry the area when finished.

Other chemical solutions

It is to be used only when all other methods fail, and it becomes necessary to use a more robust solution. Ensure to use as instructed like any other method.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Scrape away all the excess slime with a spoon or any similar blunt-edged tool and remove as much slime as possible. 
  2. Apply vinegar and water solution on the spot liberally and let it rest for approx. 3 minutes to allow the vinegar to do its magic.
  3. Use a scraper to remove excess slime starting from one side of the slime. You can also use a metal spoon and scrape the vinegar mixture, pick up, and wipe it off on the paper towel. Repeat till all the scrapped slime is completely picked up.
  4. Pour Hot water for thorough rinsing of slime area with a white towel; repeat if needed.
  5. Repeat the above steps if the stains don’t go away.
  6. Remove food coloring with carpet cleaning spray readily available at the stores. Whichever brand you use, make sure to rinse it out. So when using it, apply, blot, and rinse it out a few times.
  7. Use rubbing alcohol if color remains, use a small amount on a cloth and ensure to rinse with water after every application.
  8. Try Hydrogen Peroxide if the alcohol does not work out. Be utmost careful as it can bleach certain carpets and proceed only after a spot test. As a process, apply hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for around ten minutes, blot with a clean cloth, and then rinse with warm water. In the case of a wool carpet, don’t use peroxide or anything oxi on it.
  9. Air out the slime spot by setting a fan next to the area. Leave it like this for a day or so for faster drying.

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So, next time you face a slime problem, don’t fret. With these simple steps and available household items, your carpet will be back to its natural glow and be slime-free in no time. No need to go after expensive cleaning products; just use a solution of white vinegar and water, some gentle scrubbing brush, and a clean towel. Now, slime stain is not the end of your favorite carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does slime get stuck in the carpet? 

Slime is essentially made of glue, and most often, glue is washable. With plain old white vinegar and some labor of scrubbing, you can slime out of just about anything.

How to remove slime out of carpet without the use of vinegar?

If you fall short on vinegar, use club soda as your cleaning jam. Fill a spray bottle with it and apply to the area after clearing the stained area as per step 1 and let it rest for 5 minutes. Next is to blot and dry the area thoroughly.

Are the slime stains dissolvable?

The answer is yes; mix two parts white vinegar with one part water and fill in a spray bottle. Spray this on the slime area and let it soak.

How to remove the slime after it dries?

It could be challenging to remove, but the above-mentioned steps still apply. Apply the vinegar and water solution with the help of a scrubbing brush and repeat the process a couple of times if needed.

Can the same process be followed to remove slime from the floor rug?

Yes, the process is the same no matter where you remove slime from, carpet, rug, or your cloth. The vinegar and water solution are safe to use on floor rugs and won’t damage.

I have tried everything but got no success in removing the stains; what should I do?

If you find no solution upon repeating the steps mentioned above a couple of times, call a professional cleaner. They can use heavy-duty products or tools like steam cleaners or others as the case may be.

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