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Getting rid of pigeons from balconies and roofs is one of the most frequently asked questions by people with pigeon problems. The pigeons are at best an annoyance and at worst a health hazard. The mess of pigeon feces is acidic and can etch through steel or even concrete.

Pigeons are sometimes also referred to as sky rats. Pigeons are a legitimate source of noise and health concerns for people, and they can even cause structural damage to a building. And with reason: pigeons are filthy birds that spread disease and can cause significant damage to your home or business. There are many natural and humane ways to eliminate a pigeon nest or poop problem.

Whether pigeons are nesting on window sills, balconies, under solar panels, or in other areas of a roof, numerous home remedies are available to deter pigeons and make roosting areas less appealing to many types of birds. Here, we will discuss different methods for getting rid of pigeons so that you can easily find the best solution for your situation.

Why are Pigeons a Problem?

You must act quickly if you have pigeons on your property. Pigeons can cause significant damage to a property in a short period. Here are a few examples of the problems that pigeons can cause:

  • Disease: Diseases carried by pigeon droppings include histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. These diseases can be dangerous or fatal to people with certain medical conditions, such as asthma or weakened immune systems.
  • Contamination of food: Pigeons can contaminate food for livestock and human consumption in rural or agricultural areas.
  • Slip and fall danger: Bird droppings are extremely slippery, making walkways, decks, porches, and other areas hazardous to foot traffic. This creates issues for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Building corrosive damage: Pigeon faeces is highly acidic and can damage buildings, siding, vegetation, and landscaping.
  • Clogged gutters and drainage systems: Pigeon nests in gutters or downspouts can cause water backup, flooding, and other problems.
  • Fire hazard: When pigeons construct nests that obstruct chimneys or flues, it can result in a serious build-up of poisonous gases and an increased fire risk.

What Is The Benefit Of Getting Rid Of Pigeons Naturally?

The large amounts of food and garbage that humans leave around allow pigeons to thrive, and our buildings are just like trees in terms of nesting viability. As a result, it may appear that harming pigeons for doing what they do naturally is wrong, and humane management is a better option.

Pigeon problems are caused by humans, not by the pigeons themselves. With fewer natural habitats to live in, pigeons naturally choose areas where they have the best chance of survival to breed and pass on their pigeon communities.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast and Humanely?

Pigeons can be a major annoyance. In addition to rapidly multiplying and displacing beneficial bird species, they can be extremely difficult to eradicate. Here are a few best natural ways to get rid of pigeons, no matter where they live.

How to Get Rid of Roof Pigeons

Getting pigeons off your roof takes some ingenuity, especially if your roof has any pitches or eaves where the birds can nest.


How do you get away from pigeons without hurting them? Low-profile deterrents such as wire coils, stainless steel wires, and spikes can prevent birds from perching on the roof. Install them on any flat area where pigeons could land for the best results, including roof drip edges, flashing, and caps.


Nylon bird netting can be equally effective for roofs with pigeon-friendly pitches and eaves.

Bird netting, when hung vertically along with the siding of a building, prevents birds from perching on the roof or surface of the building. A 50mm (2″) gauge net is recommended for pigeon control.

How to Remove Pigeons from a Balcony

With a few proactive steps, it is possible to get rid of pigeons in a small area such as a balcony.


Netting creates a physical barrier that keeps birds away from your balcony. It seals off the area from further pigeon intrusion when hung from the roof down to the sides of the balcony.


Use wires, gel repellants, plastic birds of prey, and pigeon spikes to keep the pigeons from perching on your balcony railing.

Deterrents such as sound machines (we recommend wind chimes or specially designed, motion-activated sound devices) and reflected light are also effective at keeping pigeons away from your balcony.

Best Way to Get Rid of Pigeons from Your Garden

The easiest way to keep pigeons out of your garden is to identify their high-traffic areas and then target them.


Scarecrows are a deterrent that can work as long as movement is included. Consider incorporating a scarecrow in the shape of a hawk and hanging old CDs from the bird’s body. Pigeons will be scared away as they come to roost due to the light and movement. To keep the pigeons guessing, move the scarecrow every few weeks.


Bird netting installed along with sheds, eaves, and rafters can protect your outbuildings from pigeons and keep them away from your garden. Some people also place bird netting over raised beds or around crops they want to protect. 

Feeders for Pigeons

If you have bird feeders in your garden, they may attract pest birds such as pigeons. To keep these birds away, buy pigeon-proof bird feeders, which have a cage around the feeder that allows small birds to pass through but stops pigeons in their tracks. Other feeders are weight-sensitive and reject larger birds and pests such as pigeons and starlings.

Easiest Way to Get Rid of Pigeons in the Attic

If you have pigeons in your attic, then we recommend you try the following methods:


The first step in keeping pigeons out of your attic is determining how they get in. We recommend using wire mesh to block off any potential entrances, such as vent openings and cracks in your soffits or eaves. Consider putting a layer of nylon bird netting to your building’s siding if possible.


If you notice feces or feathers concentrated in one area of the attic, install deterrents such as wire coils, spikes, gel pads, or plastic owls in the eaves above that area. Pigeons will be discouraged from congregating there as a result of this. We recommend using non-movable deterrents in the attic (such as spikes or wire coils) because they are a better long-term solution.

Easiest Way to Get Rid of Pigeons from Your Barn

Getting rid of pigeons in the barn entails employing the same methods as getting rid of pigeons on a roof or in an attic.


Use wire mesh to block any potential pigeon entry points into your barn. We also recommend hanging long plastic strips down to about a foot above the floor in the entrance to your barn. This will keep pigeons out while freely passing livestock, people, and machinery.


Spikes, stakes, gel deterrents, light, and sound will all work to keep pigeons away from common roosting areas and prevent them from returning.


Pigeons frequently roost in barns because they easily access favorite food sources such as corn and grain.

Maintain good barn sanitation by storing livestock feed in plastic tubs with locking lids or in closed-off rooms and removing any existing food sources that pigeons may be taking advantage of. Keep trash and manure disposal areas away from the barn or outbuildings, and clean up any spilled grain or livestock feed as soon as possible.

How to Remove Pigeons from Your Warehouse?

The same techniques to keep pigeons out of barns and off roofs will also keep them out of warehouses.


In addition to sealing all cracks, gaps, and vents that pigeons could use to enter your warehouse, we recommend considering alternative door options, such as plastic strips, to keep pigeons out. Some warehouses may benefit from nylon bird netting as well.


Scare devices like flashing lights and motion-activated noise deterrents effectively keep pigeons away from warehouses. Combine these devices with other deterrents, such as gel strips or spikes, and place them in areas where pigeons congregate.

How to Remove Pigeons from Solar Panels

Because pigeons enjoy the shelter and security that solar panel systems provide, removing pigeons from under solar panels can be difficult.


Netting prevents pigeons from accessing the panel system and can protect your entire array from bird infestation.


Roof spikes, plastic predators (swivel heads are preferred because they create movement), and light and sound devices are tried-and-true methods for preventing pigeons from interfering with panels. Place them in high-traffic areas to deter pigeons from nesting.

Panel Repair & Sanitation

Remove any obvious food sources that the pigeons may be eating. Clean up and store pet food, buy pigeon-proof bird feeders, and store trash in tightly sealed containers.

While this will not keep pigeons away from your solar panels, it will make the area less appealing to them.

Maintain your panels in good condition and repair them if they show signs of wear. Also, make sure to keep your solar panels in good working order. Pigeons are more likely to roost in broken or compromised panels.


There is no sure shot way to eliminate all the birds short of exterminating them. Pigeons have been with humans for thousands of years and, like rats, are not going anywhere anytime soon. Unfortunately, even lethal methods are only effective in the short term because the remaining flock quickly breeds back the ones that have gone missing. Destructive solutions are frequently used to represent a harvest of pigeons rather than a true control program. Although all but the smallest locations take some observation and preparation to build a safe and effective approach for success, the strategies listed above can tackle larger and smaller challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I Keep Pigeons Out Of My Vents?

12″ metal screening is the best way to keep pigeons away from vents.

Will Aluminum Foil Deter Birds?

Yes, aluminum foil in the shape of a pie tin can keep birds away from your balcony. The birds are said to be disoriented by the reflected light.

Can You Fix The Pigeon Problem On Your Own?

Yes, you can do a DIY project if the right conditions are met.

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