How to Get Rid of Odors at Home?

Our homes are a place of comfort and our safe space, and nobody likes entering their homes after a long day and smelling something foul. It is well that smell can affect our moods. Smelling something good when you enter your home improves your mood and makes you feel better while entering a room, and smelling something bad can ruin your mood. Moreover, there is nothing worse than bringing home a guest and realizing the first thing they notice is a bad smell. The sooner you get rid of it, the better. 

We don’t generally think about how a place smells, but it has a massive impact on our perspective of that place. A study published in Chemical Sense showed how smell intensified people’s likes and dislikes. 

The human nose has 400 scent receptors, and it can detect 1 trillion odors. Smell has such an enormous influence over how we perceive things that it has led to the global odor control system market being valued at 5.1 billion US dollars with a 5.1 increase by 2027. 

Having a bad odor not only is a mood killer, but it can also ruin the overall ambiance of your home. One might be in the most beautiful home they have ever seen, but if there is a lingering stench of rotting food, one can’t wait to get out of there. 

Many people have recognized this very fact. They make sure their homes and offices do not smell bad, which has made the Global Aromatherapy Market worth 10 Billion dollars today with an expected growth of 16 Billion by 2026. 

Having a bad odor not only ruins our mood and the atmosphere, but it can also lead to health problems. A foul odor can cause something as minor as an irritated nose to allergic reaction or asthma. 

Making sure one’s home smells good is one of the easiest chores, and if a house already has a bad smell, there is no need to fret as it is very easy to get rid of the smell. It is very convenient to spray the house with room fresher or perfume simply, but we are back at square one when it wears off. 

Here is a simple guide to get rid of bad smells in the house. 


Finding mold in your home is never a pleasant experience. Mold can show up anywhere, on the walls or the curtains, and if left unchecked, it can become a significant problem. Mold can cause an unpleasant musty smell. 

So, it is essential to nip the problem in the bud and get rid of mold when it’s small and easy to deal with. There are a lot of mold removers in the market which can get the job done, and a bleach solution can also do the trick. 

Trash can cause a pretty bad smell, and it can really be put off. But the smell can persist despite the garbage being thrown away regularly; this is because the trash cans themselves can start to smell after they are not cleaned. 

Using disinfectant after cleaning the trash can with a cleaning solution is one of the best ways of keeping it from smelling.

Could it be your kitchen?

The kitchen has a lot of things in it which can cause the house to smell. And that just doesn’t mean rotten food or dirty dishes. The appliances themselves can sometimes start to smell. 

The refrigerator is one of the kitchen’s most essential and most used appliances. It is on day and night it usually needs to be cleaned regularly. But the food stored in the fridge is often not properly stored and thrown inside carelessly. 

It is vital to store everything properly and label it. But if it still smells after being cleaned, that could be because the smell has flown into the walls. It is best to unplug the fridge and keep it open for 30 to 45 minutes for the smell to leave the refrigerator. 

The microwave is a very convenient tool when we just don’t want to cook and heat something from the fridge. But it can also start to smell because something might burn or spill and has not been cleaned properly. So it is essential to clean it regularly and thoroughly. 

And if someone accidentally eats some fish in it, it’s best to steam it with some vinegar. 

The sink has a lot of reasons to smell. It might be due to a buildup in the drainpipe, or rotten food is sticking to the drain pipe. In such a case, it’s best to call a plumber. It’s also advisable to change the pipe once every few years. 

Washroom Cleaning

The toilet is the usual suspect when there is a bad smell in the house. It is always best to frequently clean the toilet with a toilet cleaner. It can also be helpful to keep a cup of baking soda on top of the shelf. It is also advisable to keep an air freshener in the bathroom, and the towels also have to be kept dry. 

Sewage Problem is a major cause when someone has a smell in the house, and it can also cause health problems. The odor is caused due to sewer gas which is caused due to rotting waste. If the house has a smell of rotten eggs, then it’s best to call a plumber. 

Can smell come from a living room?

It is not necessary that foul odors just don’t come from the washroom or kitchen; they can also be from the living room; specifically, it can be because the carpet, drapes, and mattress haven’t been cleaned in a while. So it’s best to clean whenever someone gets a chance. 

Pets are our best friends, and all of us bathe them regularly, but sometimes we don’t pay attention, and they start to smell and make the whole house smell. It can also be because of their beds and toys; therefore, it’s important to wash them and their belongings regularly. 

Using air fresheners or essential oils is often the last step to take, but it’s the first or only step people take. Yes, it is very good to use an air freshener or essential oil regularly, but as mentioned before, if it’s merely used as a masking agent, then the problem is not being solved. So after making sure, there are no bad smells in the house, we can use air fresheners or essential oils regularly. 

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Smell plays a vital role in perceiving something or someone, and no one likes unpleasant odors. Yes, it is essential to have some kind of fragrance at hand, be it an air freshener, candles, or essential oils, but that is not the answer to getting rid of a bad smell, just a temporary fix. 

It is essential to get to the root of the smell, and it can be due to mold, poorly maintained kitchen appliances, or sewage problems. But getting rid of it requires just a little bit of time and energy or a simple call to the plumber.

Cleaning the house thoroughly and regularly is the best way to keep away bad smells, and cleanliness is next to godliness. 


What causes a bad smell in the house? 

Various reasons cause bad smells. It can be due to mold, improperly cleaned appliances, or a sewage problem.

Can bad smells cause allergies? 

Yes, bad smells can cause an allergic reaction. 

Are disinfectants effective against foul odors? 

They are effective against bacteria that cause foul odors.

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