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Your home is your sanctuary, a place where you can unwind, relax, and heal from life’s stresses. This is why it is critical to take care of your home and invest a little time and effort into making it functional and comfortable. While there are numerous ways to decorate your home, the concept of Hygge is one that you should investigate if you want to transform your home into a tranquil haven where you can find peace, contentment, and joy.

Warmth, simplicity, and comfort are the guiding principles and make Hygge the hottest phenomenon sweeping the world of interior design. Single professionals in apartments and homemakers have both embraced it, and you can, too.

The hygge lifestyle, like so many other wonderful things, originated in Denmark. You could say that Hygge is a Scandinavian concept, but it also speaks to an important aspect of the human condition. The hygge decor is a minimalistic interior design style that embodies the Danish concept of Hygge: a sense of contentment while enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a Norwegian word that describes a state of coziness and friendliness. Hygge, pronounced “hoo-gah,” is all about increased feelings of well-being and contentment in your life and surroundings. The concept is ideal for one’s own home. It can assist you in making your apartment the welcoming environment you’ve always desired.

The term “hygge” can be traced back to the 16th-century Norwegian time “hugga,” which means “to comfort or console.” Instead, we would use a word like “hug” in English. The Danish have also adopted the term hygge to describe the cozy feeling, style, decor, and way of life promoting contentment.

Even The Little Book of Hygge teaches the simple secrets to live a happy life. Perhaps the Danes know something that we don’t. But you don’t have to go all the way to Denmark to understand what hygge is all about. You can recreate the style and mood in your apartment while also increasing your feelings of contentment.

A Must-Have List Of Hygge-Inspired Items

  • Blankets that are warm and inviting
  • Hide Rug, Tea Kettle
  • Brass Candle Holders
  • Mugs that are warm and inviting
  • Matches for Cloth Napkins (pretty ones in glass jars)
  • Tapered Candles with a Twist (as well as classic white too)
  • Accessories for the Fireplace 
  • Wood Holder
  • Candlesticks
  • in a Basket
  • Sheepskin Blankets Cozy Blankets

 Hygge All Year Activities 

  • Cabin Getaways
  • Sledding
  • Chilly Hikes
  • Indoor DIY Crafts
  • Cooking Warm Meals
  • Board Games
  • Make a Fire
  • Cozy Indoor Movie Night
  • Cooking Party Indoors

How to Embrace Hygge in Your Home

Home is a necessary component of Hygge. Choosing the right decor can help you achieve the hygge lifestyle and warmth you seek. Don’t know where to begin? Here are a few simple methods to bring Hygge into your home.

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Bring in the Natural Light

Hygge is all about ambient lighting and soft, natural light. It’s best to bring in as much natural light as possible. Your eyes will appreciate it. The additional Vitamin D will also help to improve your mood.

However, not all apartments have an abundance of natural light. Attempt to hang mirrors across from windows. This will give the impression that you have more natural light than you do. Adding crystals above your windows can also aid in light refraction. That will heighten your hygge feelings.

Add More Candles

When the sun goes down, use candles to keep the ambient glow going all evening. Choose white or neutral candles with light, buttery scents that will leave you feeling positively relaxed. Rather than reaching for the reading light, try lighting the candles. Instead, a soft glow will be created to read by. When it comes to candles, living in an apartment necessitates extreme caution. Try electronic, flickering candles that look just like the real thing but don’t pose a fire hazard.

Focus on a Neutral/Warm Color Scheme

The color scheme of Hygge is straightforward, and anyone can replicate it. Soft white, beige, natural woods, and grey complement your favorite hygge style. Make a list of your favorites. Then, in soft layers, blend them. Paint a creamy white wall and hang a few grey-framed mirrors. Try complementing your natural hardwood floors with a soft, beige rug. This will create a cozy atmosphere that celebrates Hygge.

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Create Cozy and Comfortable Spaces

Creating comfortable and cozy spaces to spend a lazy afternoon is one of the best parts of Hygge. Begin by creating a reading nook in that awkward corner of your apartment that you’re not sure what to do with. Include a comfortable armchair or a window bench with interior book storage. With a few throw blankets, pillows, and slippers, you can transform your nook into your new favorite spot.

Get Nostalgic

Hygge is all about the feeling it evokes as how it looks. Get nostalgic with your hygge decor by including favorite artwork, framed photos of loved & close ones, or an impossibly soft blanket that reminds you of your childhood. Fill your home with scents you love, such as pumpkin, apple spice, buttercream, rose petals, or wild mint. Arrange scented candles on your fireplace mantle or mantel. You could also use your favorite hygge-inspired essential oils to create a diffuser.

Add Light Fixtures

More light fixtures in your apartment should be part of your hygge transformation. Instead of the generic options, incorporate simple chandeliers or pendant lighting that highlights the warm tones you prefer. Replace your bulbs with warm, soft hues rather than ultra-white LEDs. Ensure to focus your attention on areas that often go overlooked in your apartments, like your entryway, bathroom, and closets. The more you can create a cozy, hygge feeling in every corner of your apartment, the happier you’ll be.

Incorporate Soft Textures

The hygge decor is known for its fuzzy, soft blankets and pillows, transforming ordinary couches into relaxing retreats. Try replacing your bedding with a gorgeous chunky knit blanket or a soft, white duvet. To create quiet reading areas, pile throw pillows on your bed, couch, chairs, and empty corners of your apartment. Add soft rugs to your living room or bedroom in addition to blankets and pillows. Towels and bath mats are also essential in the bathroom. That way, you can experience the hygge sensation from head to toe.

Bring in the Natural Elements

Hygge does not have to be costly to recreate. It also does not necessitate a trip to IKEA. To play this cozy look, add more plants in stone pots and simple wood furnishings to your apartment. Fresh white wildflowers along with simple twigs in a glass vase wrapped in a light brown ribbon are also inexpensive and simple ways to incorporate more Hygge into your life.

Bake Up Some Sweet Treats

Fresh cookies, simple pies, and fragrant bread have a way of transforming your apartment into a hygge paradise. The sweet aromas instantly evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia.

You’ll also have lovely, edible table decor to share with your roommates and neighbors.

Focus on Simplicity

Hygge should never be overly complicated. It should help to simplify and enrich your life by focusing on the little things. Concentrate on creating a sense of well-being by aligning simple decor choices with your hygge lifestyle.

Gather some natural twig baskets to store your books and periodicals. Hygge will also motivate you to declutter and hide TV and stereo wires so that you can focus on your inviting and warm decor. Donate your mismatched colorful blankets, towels, plates, and artwork to help refine and simplify your hygge lifestyle choices.

Put Your Phone Aside

Hygge is a feeling and a decor choice that allows you to enhance your lifestyle. Hygge, on the other hand, isn’t about staring at your phone and obsessing over the latest social media posts. Hygge allows you to feel a sense of relaxation and comfort wash over you.

Your apartment decor and design choices should amplify those feelings. However, the activities you choose contribute to the hygge lifestyle as well. Spend more time interacting with friends and neighbors, reading by the fireplace, listening to soft music, and savoring the peace of your comfortable, cozy home.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Hygge can also be applied outside of the home, transforming your outdoor space. Even a small Juliet balcony has enough room for a flower pot and illuminated string lights.

Are you looking for patio design ideas? Plants, bistro tables, outdoor rugs, and weather-resistant blankets can be used to decorate patios and balconies. This will assist you in recreating Hygge outside. Add a portable projector to your outdoor space to watch your favorite movie against your apartment wall for a relaxing evening. Simply gazing at the stars while sipping a hot drink captures the magical hygge feeling.

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Incorporating Hygge into your life can be the ideal antidote to modern living. It emphasizes living in the present moment, allowing you to appreciate even the simplest of things fully. Hygge is a concept that everyone should incorporate into their lives to improve their quality of life, from spending time together with family and friends to cozying up in your reading nook with hot cocoa and a book.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does a hygge home look?

The hygge decor is inviting and cozy, centered on creating an environment in your home that promotes togetherness and appreciation for the good things in life. Hygge design trends, characterized by soothing neutral colors and natural materials, trademark the Danish way of life.

What are some hygge examples?

The most hygge thing of all is to nurture one’s close relationships over mulled wine, a picnic, a board game, or a movie. If you’ve ever spent time with friends and left feeling as if you were still wrapped in a hug, you’ve experienced Hygge.

What are the colors of Hygge?

Use a neutral color scheme. And, because a lot of Hygge is about simplifying your life, a neutral color scheme is the best way to incorporate Hygge into your home. Natural tones such as beige, grey, brown, and white can assist in creating a streamlined feel throughout your entire space.

Who created Hygge?

Hygge didn’t originate in the Danish language but in old Norwegian, which meant something like well-being. It first appeared in Danish writing near the end of the 18th century, and the Danes have embraced it since then.

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